Saturday, November 28, 2009

Miley cyrus nude. Extra.

Miley cyrus nude. Great picz:

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Nobody agrees with me about Miley Cyrus? she said she was embarrassed by the photos, but Britney Spears has said the same first of her nude pictures, but she continued to do them. Miley also aforementioned there is something under the clothing or the road ....... it doesn't seem to Wold be possible, but maybe it is. I just don ' t see what kind of clothes that could be used in the manner of his position. Said it wasn't a skin-colored shirt, sooo Iono. anyway if isn't naked, why do you (a model) want to give the impression you are? thats just slutty. one can say that people have a dirty mind or whatever, but if I had a sip of beer in his hand in a pic i would give the impression that I drink, but my lips arent touching.
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